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What Others Say About Childspace

"I have just watched your Infants and Play video and LOVED it!

Congratulations. You made it feel like you were inside my house, just sitting beside me and talking just to me.

I loved that you were the most important part of the video, you, and your message.

I did love the subtitles, this was helpful, and the slides added to the video, but weren't the focus."
Laure Hislop from KU Children’s Services
Laure Hislop
Practice Facilitator at KU Children’s Services
"I highly recommend attending one or many of Childspace’s conferences to immerse yourself in all that we cherish and love about Early Childhood."
Sez Van De Ven from Pukekos Educare
Sez Van de Ven
Principal at Pukekos Educare