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Karori early learning centre

Back to nature, holistic early childhood education centre in Karori

Infants and toddlers, to two years

Our Childspace Karori centre provides high quality care and education for infants and toddlers in a nurturing, respectful environment. 

We are located at 81 Old Karori Road and cater for both part and full time spaces.

The centre is licensed for 22 infants and toddlers per day, and has a team of 7 kaiako.

We also have a centre kai creator (cook) who spends her days preparing nutritious and tasty meals for all of the children.

Karori early learning ECE centre

Karori Manager
Sarah Stevenson

How we teach

The kaiako at Childspace Karori have been inspired by the work of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber. They strongly believe in providing a peaceful child-centered approach, cherishing and respecting children’s individual interests and routine. Complimenting this, each child has a key teacher.

The key teaching system provides children with the comfort of knowing a familiar adult is close by and fully present, sensitively observing their cues and gestures for both care and play needs. The kaiako are sensitively attuned to when children are ready to transition from our younger room Kākano to our older room Rito. We compliment the key teaching approach with a continuity of care approach, where a key kaiako will transition from one room to the other, alongside children so that they continue to have that familiar support and care.

Our different spaces are designed to empower infants and toddlers through free movement and floor time for infants and to meet the specific developmental needs of toddlers.

Our outdoor area provides a safe but challenging environment for infants and toddlers to explore.

Our innovative programme

We offer an innovative programme which celebrates individual children’s interests and strengths in their journey of learning and development. Each child has a ‘discovery book’ with stories about their interests and development.

We also use an online system, Storypark, which is a great way to share stories and photos between kaiako and whanau.

Our families are guaranteed a place at Childspace Wilton around their second birthday. The Wilton centre is a very short drive from Karori.

The key kaiako at Karori and Wilton ensure there is a smooth, thoughtful and gradual process in place for the children and their families when they transition. We have recently extended our continuity of care approach, with kaiako moving with children to Childspace Wilton to continue and strengthen the relationship for longer.

Whānau-kaiako korero

Our centre has whānau-kaiako korero (parent teacher conversations) twice a year.

These are special times when parents are invited to come and meet with their child’s key kaiako for an uninterrupted chat.

Together whānau and kaiako share stories and observations and celebrate their child’s learning and exploration over past six months. Kaiako respond with a written celebration of learning of each child’s individual learning and development.


Parents are also welcome to attend workshops provided by the kaiako team at Karori, our early childhood institute or by outside speakers.

These workshops provide new knowledge for families and support parents in areas that are of current interest.

So far we have had workshop facilitated about food & nutrition, self-regulation & co-regulation, child behaviour, our early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki, ukulele and much more!

You are welcome to come and visit us at an arranged time. Please contact our centre manager, Sarah to do so. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon and showing you around our place!

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Meet our dedicated team of caring and professional specialists, who strive to provide the best possible service for you and your children.

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Karori (up to 2 years)
Centre Manager: Sarah Stevenson

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