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Wilton early learning centre

Back to nature, holistic early childhood education centre in Wilton

Toddlers and young children, two years to six years

Childspace Wilton is a home-like, loving environment for tamariki and whānau.  Our intention is for all who attend Childspace Wilton to feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Our curriculum and environment is rich in natural and heuristic resources and loose parts.

The curriculum is emergent, and based on the current tamariki and their needs and interests.

Our daily rhythms and rituals foster free exploratory play, provocations, and the opportunity to engage in group project investigations. Tamariki enjoy learning with all of their senses and open, intuitive minds, alongside qualified, sensitive, loving teachers.

Wilton Manager
Becky Gray

Unique philosophy

Our unique philosophy is guided by key values that are important to us – Trust, Curiosity, Leadership and Kaitiakitanga, Exploration of te Taiao.



We follow the child’s pace cues throughout the day. Kaiako trust tamariki by giving them autonomy and they are provided the space and time they need to negotiate and problem solve. Kaiako, whānau and tamariki have trusting relationships. Tamariki trust that kaiako will support them to meet their needs, and kaiako hold the view that whānau are the first teachers and tamariki come to us with a unique basket of knowledge to share.


Tamariki explore our environment by following their interests in free and risky play. Kaiako are experts at responding to children’s learning; they are able to extend growth, development, engagement , conversations, interests and challenges in appropriate ways by knowing each child and how they learn.

Leadership and Kaitiakitanga 

Tamariki are empowered to be leaders every day in small but significant ways. Kaiako support this by learning from children and viewing children as experts in different things. Kaiako encourage tamariki to seek out other children who are kaitiaki of different learning areas to support ako – ako and tuakana teina relationships. Our open-plan space allows these relationships to flourish. Kaiako role model respect for people, places and things in our space when children engage with and lead daily rhythms and rituals. Kaiako provide invitations to play that encourage connection with others with space and resources for many children to explore together.

Exploration of te Taiao 

We connect with nature every day at Wilton. Children are encouraged to explore freely in our outdoor spaces regardless of weather. This empowers conversations around ngā atua and changes in the great outdoors. Our regular ngahere hīkoi to Otari Wilton’s Bush gives tamariki opportunities to play freely in the forest and glow in a sense of wonder. Kaiako are participants in this play with children exploring the hows and whys of nature. Our tamariki are empowered to be kaitiaki (guardians) of the te taiao.

A place for young children located in nature

Childspace Wilton is designed to support the developmental needs of young children with specialised spaces and programmes for this age group. We practice a key kaiako approach, where each child and their whānau has a key kaiako with whom they have a trusting and nurturing relationship. Key kaiako are attentive to the learning needs, interests and strengths of every unique individual child, and build the curriculum, programmes and learning moments together with whānau. We also practice a continuity approach with Childspace Karori meaning children will have at least one familiar key kaiako with through throughout their time at Childspace. Having secure relationships ensures children are confident in themselves and thriving in the programme.

We are located at 213 Wilton Road, nestled on the edge of Otari Wilton bush which is perfect for the nature aspect of our curriculum. We are fortunate to be able to explore the wonder of local urban amenities too, we are often out and about at the local library, schools, parks and the playground next door. We have a strong focus on sustainability and incorporate this organically into our intentions and practices.

Open from 7.30-5.30pm Mon-Fri, you are most welcome to come and find out more about our centre.

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Wilton (up to 6 years)
Centre Manager: Becky Gray

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