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Custom designed woodlights for your ECE or childcare centre

Woodlights are the Childspace Workshop’s unique take on stained glass windows, using NZ-grown plywood and tinted cast acrylic (Perspex) to bring the magic of coloured light into your learning spaces.

Eco friendly, sustainable, handmade creations

Used indoors or out, these works of art convey cultural symbols, local landmarks, and aid in emerging literacy. As with everything we create, we are always happy to quote for something unique to you and your community. Interior woodlights are constructed from NZ-grown untreated pine plywood and finished in NZ-made water-based polyurethane, while exterior woodlights are from NZ-grown exterior-treated pine plywood (can be stained with NZ made water-based stain for an extra cost).

Repeating patterns (per square metre): $950

Custom designs (per square metre): $1,100


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