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About our institute

Helping children grow, learn and thrive since 1993

Holistic early childhood education in Wellington

The Childspace Institute is an educational organisation committed to improving Early Childhood Education provision and practices.

Our four early childhood centres in Wellington provide inspiration for our practical professional development, resources and designs.

Our institute is set in a beautiful old home in Wellington, Aotearoa/NZ. You won’t find concrete grey, plastic chairs or fluorescent lights here.

Instead you will find a driveway full of stars, a playground full of nature, a kitchen full of food, office spaces full of action, a resource centre full of practical, quality resources, and a home full of love.

We have an extensive specialist early childhood library and Institute visitors are welcome to browse and borrow from this collection.

Our vision is that those who choose to come to Childspace for professional development will be fully immersed in quality practices, equipment, programming and real examples.

The Childspace Institute is unique in its approach of facilitation by those teachers and managers who have first hand, up to date, applied knowledge and expertise.

Our Institute is a place where everyone is welcome to re-fuel with up to date knowledge and skills taught by people who understand the realities of early childhood education today.

Venue hire

Have you thought about taking your staff meetings or parent education off-site?

This incredible venue can accommodate up to twenty people. You will feel fully immersed in best practices for early childhood. We can even organise catering for your group. Talk to us about venue hire prices and availability. For more information please download a copy of our Venue hire information.

Study tours

Study tours occur year round and are individualised to the unique requirements of each participant’s professional and personal goals.

Registration Teacher Certification
Guidance and Mentoring Programme

Childspace have fully certificated, experienced teachers who are able to support teachers through their certification. A suitably matched mentor offers time for thinking and reflecting on practice, guidance and support, and signs the provisionally certificated teacher off at the end of the programme. The programme is personalised and based on the aspirations and needs of the individual provisionally certificated teacher. It involves visits from the mentor, formal observations, written reports, and, face to face, email and phone contact with the provisionally certificated teacher. Our skilled mentors lead with passion and have great knowledge of the early childhood field. They can also offer an outsiders perspective of how the teacher is achieving goals and keeping on top of their progress. We offer an easy to use documentation process, where teachers are empowered to collect evidence and reflect on their own practice throughout the programme. For more information or to be provided with a quote please contact or +64 (04) 461 7081

Our team

Our dedicated team consists of caring and professional specialists, who strive to provide the best possible service.

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