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Custom designed mezzanines for your ECE or childcare centre

Mezzanine floors create extra retreat spaces for young children, and provide a stimulating change in level.

Eco friendly, sustainable, handmade creations

Built-in Mezzanines
As well as the emerging literacy opportunities provided by the coloured-Perspex window symbols, a small ‘skylight’ built into the platform floor provides light and communication to the space underneath. Constructed from driftwood and NZ-grown untreated plywood, finished in NZ-made water-based polyurethane.  Platform approx. 1200mm x 1800mm x 900mm high, steps approx. 1200mm x 600mm wide, with driftwood barrier 900mm high.

As always, we can create something specifically for you and your space, please drop us a line! Price does not include flat-packed freight or assembly on site.

Movable Mezzanines
The next level in flexible spaces. Able to be moved by four adults, these mezzanines are an 1800mm cube, with a 900mm high platform featuring a ‘skylight’.


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